You Can Own A Little Piece Of The Creepy Multimillionaire Who Steve Carell Got An Academy Award Nomination For Playing

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Lately, Steve Carell has been creeping out moviegoers with his portrayal of John E. Du Pont in the film Foxcatcher. Academy voters even gave him a Best Actor nomination, hoping it would make him go away and stop haunting their nightmares.

John E. Du Pont was an heir to the fortune of the American chemical company. Foxcatcher traces his obsession with the sport of wrestling, which so saw him go so far as to build a live-in training facility for some of the USA’s top wrestlers.

Steve Carell as John E. Du Pont in Foxcatcher“Do you mean to tell me you haven’t RSS’d the Punk Philatelist?”

I don’t want to spoil the film’s twists, so let’s just say yada yada yada things didn’t quite work out and Du Pont died in 2010. I won’t even tell you where he died. It would give too much away.

1c 1856 British Guiana black on magentaYou may not know that Du Pont’s death was met with…

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Life is a song.

It could be a solo, a duet, a choir or a groupie thing where you can’t hear a word in the song because it lacks a rhythm or an intonation,

It always has a chorus, how you sing it depends on how you feel the song,

Sometimes songs hold the answers we need, other times the answers evolve with our thoughts to suit different stanzas of life,

Sometimes we just get caught up in the moment and our heartbeats sway to the rhythms even when we can’t fathom the meaning,

Such is life, a song with instruments, play it your style, subdue it like a violin and take good care of it that it can never be broken.